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NJYS Tournament Funding Policy

NJYS only approves tournaments for our member organizations.  Most of our members conduct their own tournaments with their own volunteers using the profits of the tournament to benefit their own players.

However, some member have used outside promoters to run the tournaments to which they have "lent" or "rented" their name.  Problems have occurred in the past which have left our member organization responsible for the actions of an outside organization.

During the approval process, each tournament application must demonstrate that the following condition is met:

The NJYS Member Organization must receive at least 1/3 [33%]
of the total of entry fees

The total of entry fees is calculated by multiplying the entry fee times the number of teams.

If the tournament is run by a NJYS Member Organization with its own volunteers, this condition is defined as being met.  A tournament need only make this statement with its approval application.

If a member organization is not running the tournament with its own volunteers, but rather with an outside organization, the member organization must submit a form showing that the above requirement is satisfied.

The member organization must also submit a Certificate of Additional Named Insured from the outside organization naming both NJYS and the Member Organization as additional insured.