New Jersey Youth Soccer

New Jersey Youth Soccer

NJYS National Championships
and NJYS State Cup


1.  Each team must prepare a game report ( doc or pdf ) with all eligible competing players listed.  The report will be given to the referee. This report will be distributed before the game when the passes are examined by referee. Only players on game report may compete in game. For preliminary round matches, the game roster for 22 player teams is frozen when the game report  is presented to the referee at the beginning of the match.  All other players on the team roster must remain on the parents' side of the field and may not be dressed in uniform.

2.  For games held at the centralized location, the game roster for 22 player teams will be reviewed by the NJYS Cup Committee and approved.  The game roster is frozen when the game roster is approved by the NJYS Cup Committee. The referees for the quarter-final, the semi-final, and the final matches will be assigned by the NJYS State Assignor with input from the NJYS Cup Committee.

3.  Referee fees for games before the Semi-Finals will be shared 1/2-1/2 by the competing teams. The established fees are:

Age Group 1 Referee 3 Referees
U19, U18, U17 $70.00 $140.00
U16, U15 $70.00 $140.00
U14, U13 $60.00 $120.00
U12, U11 $60.00 $120.00

NJYS will pay the referee fees for all semi-final and final games.

4.  The USSF approved referee assignment policy is preferred when assigning referees to games:

  • Referee and two neutral uniformed assistant referees.

  • Referee and two club linesmen.

  • One referee working alone.

5.  Before the start of each game, the referee will receive an official game report from each team, inspect each player and their pass, and hold all passes until the end of the game. The referee must mail the pass of any player or coach sent off the field (red-carded) to the NJYS Office with the game report for disposition. Passes for coaches or players issued red cards are not to be returned to the team for any reason.  All other passes will be returned to the coach at conclusion of the game. The referee will mail the game reports to the NJYS Office within 24 hours of the end of the game.

The NJYS Office, under the direction of the Cup Committee, will retain the pass of any player or coach sent off for the duration of the penalty.

  Red Card Violations

Serious Foul Play 2 games/2 weeks
Violent Conduct 3 games/3 weeks
Second Caution in the same match 1 game/1 week
Offensive, insulting abusive language 1 game/1 week

Penalties for individuals sent off will be carried over to the next NJYS Championship or NJYS State Cup competition when necessary.


The next round opponent will be notified of all red carded players.

6.  The home team shall be inspected first, and any challenges by either team, will be noted on game report by the referee. The player will be allowed to play. Challenges of players must be made at time of player pass inspection. The Games Commissioner through the State Registrar shall be make the verification of challenged players.

7.  The referee will record any game protested by either coach on the game report.

8.  The referee will determine the suitability of the field for play noting any improperly prepared fields.

9.  In the event that no assigned referee appears at the field within 30 minutes of the scheduled game time, two choices are available:

  • The game may be played with a mutually acceptable substitute referee.

  • Both teams may elect to play the game at another time but before the following Wednesday. The Games Commissioner must be notified.  The home team will lose the home field advantage.

10. If, for any reason the game is not played by the Wednesday deadline, BOTH TEAMS WILL FORFEIT. This includes rainouts.