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Travel Notification Procedures


Travel within the United States

If you are traveling to a tournament outside of Region I, you need to complete an online Travel Notification form to notify NJYS that you will be traveling outside of New Jersey as a NJYS team.  You no longer need a Permission to Travel Form approved by NJYS.  Your NJYS registered team and players will be covered under the NJYS insurance programs, both accident/medical and general liability, if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Your team completes the Travel Notification online form and submits it to NJYS.

  2. The tournament you are attending has been sanctioned by a US Youth Soccer State Association

  3. You are using NJYS validated player passes at the tournament.

Please note that the NJYS insurance programs will only cover your team and players at tournaments that have been sanctioned by a US Youth Soccer State Association.   The NJYS insurance program does not cover travel to tournaments that are only sanctioned by other US Soccer Federation members, such as US Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY (Soccer for American Youth).  Tournaments that obtain dual sanctioning from both a US Youth Soccer State Association and another Federation member are considered to be sanctioned by a US Youth Soccer State Association.

Before completing the online form, please make sure that the tournament to which you are traveling will accept your level of team in their competition. Please review the approved their Permission to Host Agreement that the tournament must make available to you for the following:

1.  Make sure you don't have an overage player on the team. While some New Jersey leagues have two year divisions, most tournaments do not.  If you are a Division IV, U12 team, you cannot play in an U11 tournament even though you may play U11 teams in your league play.

2.  Review the level of teams being invited. If you are a lower division league team, you may have problems at a tournament that is inviting state select teams.  Call the tournament director for advice.  Click here for a list of US Youth Soccer Recommended Definitions of Teams.

3. Most tournaments are for club teams. That is, the teams that you play against in your regular league games.  Some tournaments will allow a limited number of guest players to play with a club team (usually no more than three) at a tournament.

4. A guest player is defined as a registered player carded to another travel team.  The guest player must obtain the permission of their coach to play as a guest with another team.  If their team is playing in any tournament at the same time as a player wishes to guest play, the player is required to play with their own team and may not guest play with another team.  The coach may deny the request to guest play.

5.  However, before you consider taking guest players, make sure the approved Permission to Host Agreement allows guest players.  If the Permission to Host Agreement does not specify that you can have guest players, you cannot travel with guest players.  Regardless of the tournament specifications, NJYS limits teams to no more than five guest players.  Guest player can be entered on the Travel Notification online form.

6. Select teams must be either an official league select team of one of our travel leagues or a NJYS select team.   Teams that are a group of players just getting together to play a tournament are not recognized by NJYS.  Tournament teams are not covered under the NJYS insurance program.

7. Small sided teams can only travel to tournaments that offer small sided games.  A small sided team cannot grow to a full sided team to play in tournaments.  They must play small sided games.

8.  Do not exceed the number of guest players permitted by the tournament or the NJYS five guest player limit.

Click here to complete the online Travel Notification form.  There is no fee for travel sanctioning.

Travel Outside of the United States

If you are traveling outside of the United States, you must obtain permission from New Jersey Youth Soccerand the United States Soccer Federation.  Please review all the concerns of traveling listed above along with all the additional problems of traveling out of the country.  To obtain permission from NJYS, you must complete an Application to Travel form and have it approved by the NJYS Office.

To obtain permission from US Soccer to travel outside of the United States, complete the US Soccer Application for Foreign Travel form. The following documents should be submitted NJYS:

  • Completed US Soccer Federation Application for Foreign Travel form.
  • A copy of the official brochure, pamphlet, invitation or other applicable material of the Tournament or Games host.  In many cases, a formal Permission to Host form may not exist from the foreign country.  You must then obtain a document from the National Federation of the country to which you are traveling stating that they have agreed to the competition.   A statement from a travel agency is not acceptable.
  • A copy of your validated team roster
  • Checks for the following:

Send your Application to Travel form and the US Soccer required documentation to NJYS.  NJYS will forward the approved NJYS Permission to Travel and the USSF forms to USSF.  These items must be sent to the USSF for approval at least 30 days before the departure date.

Responsibilities of Travel

When you travel outside of New Jersey, you not only represent yourself and your club, but New Jersey Youth Soccer as well. We expect that teams will comply with all the rules of the competition and behave properly. NJYS receives tournament reports from all tournaments that New Jersey teams travel to. If we receive a report that one of your team members was a discipline problem at a tournament, NJYS will review the incident and will impose penalties as if the incident had happened within New Jersey. A copy of the tournament report will be sent to your Travel League President. 

Coaches who travel with teams should be aware of their responsibilities when traveling with a team to a tournament.  Some of the concerns that have arisen from previous experiences:

1. Coaches must assure that there is an adult available with the players at all times. Situations have arisen where all the coaches with a team went to dinner and left the players alone in a dorm. A player was injured and significant time was lost in treating the player because a responsible adult was not available.

2. Coaches must make sure that there is no alcohol in any of the dorm or hotel rooms of any of the players.

3. Teams with older players may rent vehicles while away on a trip. Coaches must be aware that most rental agreements with car companies prohibit people under the age of 25 from driving rented vehicles.

4. Hotels expect players to behave and not cause damage to the hotel.  Many tournaments, including the Regional Cup and Regional ODP tournaments are adopting Code of Conducts for the players. Coaches should impress on players the need to behave when away on trips.