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Secondary Player Passes
(Multiple Rostering)



A player may be rostered and play with another team (Secondary Team) in addition to the team he or she initially rostered with (Primary Team.)  Multiple rostering is not dual carding.  A player may play with more than one team at a time, but may have only one primary pass.  He/she may be added as a secondary player to another team.  There are conditions to multiple rostering.

There are conditions to secondary rostering. Each team's league will govern the use of secondary players within its own competition. The following conditions apply to secondary player passes:

1.  Each league has the autonomy to permit or not permit the use of secondary players within that league.  At the current time, the following leagues will allow a secondary player to participate in their league:

a. Central Jersey Youth Soccer 
b. Jersey Coast Youth Soccer  
c. Metro Youth Soccer 
d. Morris County Youth Soccer

2.  A player may roster with more than one team during the same seasonal year (September through August). At initial registration, the player must declare the team on which he or she will have primary status. The player will be considered a secondary player on any and all other teams with which the player rosters, provided that the proper paperwork is completed.

3.  Any player rostered to more than one team must participate in the game played by their primary team in the event of a schedule conflict.

4.  A player is a primary player on only one team but, with the primary team’s coach concurrence, the player may be a secondary player with several different teams.

5.  A secondary player pass is issued to the player for use only in the league in which he or she is designated as a secondary player.

6.  Secondary players on a roster makes the team ineligible for NJYS National Championship or NJYS State Cup play. A team cannot enter Cup Competition with a rostered secondary player on the team roster.

7.  A player may become secondary only if he or she is rostered to a team as a primary player. If the player transfers or is released from their primary team, their secondary player pass becomes void and must be returned to the District Commissioner. If the primary team is disbanded, the secondary player pass becomes void and must be surrendered to the District Commissioner.

8.  A team must have a minimum of 11 primary rostered players on its approved roster before that team can add secondary players to the roster. Therefore, only a maximum of 7 secondary players can be on a roster at one time.

9.  No secondary passes will be issued to U10 or younger players.

To add a secondary rostered player to a team, download a Secondary Player Status Form from this website.
Instructions for completing the form are included on the form.

You can find instructions to find and add a secondary player to your roster in GotSoccer here.