New Jersey Youth Soccer


New Jersey Youth Soccer

Rules for
NJYS National Championships
and NJYS State Cup

Team Entry Procedures

1.  To enter a team into NJYS Championships or NJYS State Cup, a team must submit the following:

- Entry Form
- copy of the team's validated roster,
- NJYS Championships or NJYS State Cup registration fee

to the NJYS Cup Committee at NJYS office.  These items must be received in the NJYS Office by the published deadline date and time. Incomplete applications will be returned to the team and not accepted.   The individual team accepts responsibility for delivering its entry to the NJYS office by this deadline.

2.  Dates of competition for all rounds of NJYS Championships Competition and NJYS State Cup are published in the Cup Calendar on this website and on the competition entry card.  If your team is not prepared to play all games on all scheduled dates, please do not enter the competitions.

3.  The team must compete in a member NJYS League or qualified regional league during the current seasonal year.

Your team must play the entire league schedule for the league in which you are competing.  Leagues are required to schedule a minimum of one game against every other team in the flight with a minimum of  three other teams participating in the league at the same age level.  Not withstanding this minimum playing requirement, a team must play its entire league schedule.  That is, if the league schedules ten games during the season, a team must play ten games to qualify.  There is no three game qualification.  League procedures for forfeits must also be adhered to.  This league playing requirement must be completed one week prior to the start of Regional Competition.

The length of games must be to the following specifications:

   Age    Duration
U19,U18,U17 2-45 minute halves
U16,U15 2-40 minute halves
U14,U13 2-35 minute halves
U12,U11 2-30 minute halves

Game time may not be shortened.

4.  Each player entering the competition must carry a US Youth Soccer member pass.  No player may present or play with a player pass issued by any other US Soccer member organization.  The US Youth Soccer member pass must carry a current photograph (no reproductions) of the player and be signed by the player and be validated by a NJYS District Commissioner. The majority of a U11 team must be U11 players. Any violation of this rule may result in fines and/or suspensions.


5.  Every player must be rostered on the official team roster that has been validated by a District Commissioner to be eligible to play in the NJYS Championships or NJYS State Cup.  Validated player passes are required for each player in every game.  All team officials, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, etc., must also be listed on the roster and have a current valid member pass. The referees have been instructed to enforce the NJYS Championships No Pass - No Play Rule.

A player can only be rostered on or play with one team in any level of NJYS Championships competition during a seasonal year.

6.  Every team's roster is frozen for both Cup Competition and league play on the date of the NJYS Championships Draw for the edition of the competition for which the team is registered. If a team is also playing in the US Youth Soccer Region I Premier League or one of the US Youth Soccer Region I regional leagues, that team's roster is frozen before the first Regional League game or the NJYS Cup draw date which ever comes first.

The team's roster is frozen for both Cup Competition and league play for the duration of its NJYS Championships competition including any possible participation at the Regional and National level. For teams that are the NJYS U12-U14 National Champion from the Fall, your roster is frozen for the entire Spring season  You cannot make any roster changes, i.e., adds or transfers, during that period for NJYS Championship, league, or tournament play.  If you drop a player from the roster, the player is dropped for both league and NJYS Championship play.  Exception: U19 and U18 roster changes may be submitted to the NJYS Office by 5:00 pm on the business day prior to the beginning of the competition.

7.  NJYS allows a player to be rostered on more than one team if his/her league allows it for league play only [Secondary player passes]. However, a team cannot enter the NJYS Championships with a secondary player on its roster.  That is, you cannot have a secondary player pass number on your roster.

8.  If it is determined that your roster does not comply with all requirements for a valid roster, your team cannot participate in the NJYS Championships or NJYS State Cup. Financial penalties may be imposed.

9.  Uniforms must have a minimum of six-inch numbers on the back of all uniform shirts, including goalkeeper shirts.

10.  Unsporting behavior will not be tolerated.  For example, running up the score.  Sanctions will be applied at the discretion of the NJYS Cup Committee and may include, but not be limited to, the loss of home field advantage.

11.  Acceptance into the NJYS State Cup is by decision of the NJYS Cup Committee.  Applications will be returned by NJYS.